Five books that made me who I am today

When I started this blog earlier this year, one of my motivations was to share my love of books. Though I’ve always loved reading, there are many other things that I’m passionate about and that take up my time – films, TV, video games, as well as my academic interests. So far on the blog I’veContinue reading “Five books that made me who I am today”

Discovering plus size and size-inclusive clothing

Disclaimer: I’m going to mention a few different clothes brands in this post. Please note that I’m not affiliated with or endorsed by any of them, nor have I received any incentive to write about them. Sizes mentioned are UK sizes.  I am also writing based solely on my personal experience as a white cis womanContinue reading “Discovering plus size and size-inclusive clothing”

Five things that are helping me through lockdown

These are strange times we’re living in! I know the word ‘unprecedented’ is getting thrown around a lot, but this really is a once-in-a-lifetime situation. The COVID-19 pandemic is probably something that future generations will learn about at school!   I know a lot of people all over the world are being heavily impacted by theContinue reading “Five things that are helping me through lockdown”

A shortage of spoons

This is not the next post I had planned. You may have noticed this is my first post since January – it’s March now, and February was a silent month for the blog. Lots happened – I’d love to tell you about the books I read, the films I watched, what else I’ve been upContinue reading “A shortage of spoons”

What I carry with me

I started my first ever creative writing course last week. As much as I’ve always loved writing and yearned to be a writer, I’ve never actually taken any formal training, done any workshops, anything like that. I think I’ve always been too afraid of criticism, even the constructive sort.  It definitely pushes me out ofContinue reading “What I carry with me”

Five things about somuchkat

All my life I’ve considered myself a writer. I’ve always felt more able to articulate myself through the written word – out loud I can be awkward, brash, anxious. On paper (or screen…) I feel more like myself.  Yet I’ve put nothing out there. Twenty-eight years and all I have to show for it isContinue reading “Five things about somuchkat”