Sonic the Hedgehog movie review

Before lockdown started in the UK, I saw the new Sonic the Hedgehog film at the cinema, on Valentine’s Day no less. My partner is a HUGE Sonic fan – he even has tattoos of Sonic and Knuckles on each of his calves – so of course we had to see it on release day, even ifContinue reading “Sonic the Hedgehog movie review”

Tips for starting out in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

As I mentioned in my previous post with recommendations for things to watch, play and read during lockdown, I have been totally addicted to Animal Crossing: New Horizons since it was released last month! I have to admit, it wasn’t really on my radar until I caught a bit of this Nintendo Direct and then offered to write an articleContinue reading “Tips for starting out in Animal Crossing: New Horizons”

Sex Education season 2 review

My second piece for The Nerd Daily is live! I had a lot of fun reviewing the second season of Sex Education on Netflix, an amazing show full of diverse characters and relatable (if cringeworthy) moments. The rest of this post is my review – you can also view the original here. Just over aContinue reading “Sex Education season 2 review”

Birds of Prey trailer breakdown

Exciting news – I am now a contributing author for The Nerd Daily! As I mentioned in my introductory post, this year I’m trying to push my limits and get my writing out into the world, so in addition to my blog you’ll also find some of my content there. Take a look at my author page!Continue reading “Birds of Prey trailer breakdown”